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Name:Scott Morgan
Birthdate:Jun 17
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America

Scott is the seventh born sibling in the large Morgan family, and the second last youngest. The family were born and raised in London, England, and Scott's extroverted personality with a sheer love for being in the spotlight and performing saw him auditioning for a small role on the stage at London's West End at just seven years old. He was forever putting on plays or shows for his family, and was in every school play that was run. When he scored the role, it was just the start of a blossoming career, and Scott thrived on it. His family put him in acting classes, where he made a lot of friends, and his socialising talent was established probably as young as he could talk. He had this smooth way of talking people into his favour, or talking himself out of sticky situations. Once he had the West End role on his resume, though, there was no looking back. He starred in some TV commercials and went on to get a small role in long-running TV soap, Coronation Street.

After that, he began to get vocal and dance coaching with his eyes very much set on Broadway in New York. It would mean leaving England and most of his family if he did, but it had been his ultimate goal. When two of his brothers went to New York for college on scholarships, and his sister, Nat, followed them for a job of her own as a Nanny, it made Scott's choice to keep pursuing his Broadway dream even more appealing. An off-Broadway role helped him make the move to the big city, and about six months later, he ambitiously auditioned for the lead role as Prince Charming in the reprisal of Cinderella on Broadway... and nailed it. He has been in the role for just over a year now and he loves it. He never tires of it, and the only blip in the system was when he fell ill with a bad flu and almost passed out and threw up on stage one day. He pushed through to the final act, however, and did both off stage, only to land in hospital for a few days on an IV drip for dehydration and three weeks following that laid up in bed to get over it. He learnt from that to remember to properly take care of himself, which often meant sacrificing the finer things in life.

The only blip in the system was a huge one when little brother, Liam, was attacked and raped in the bathroom of a gay bar shortly after Scott scored the role. It sent their whole world crashing, and Liam has never been the same since. The whole family felt helpless and useless, watching Liam slip further and further away until he finally attempted to take his own life one night from an overdose, plagued with post-traumatic anxiety and depression. He got back on his feet slowly, but the family are overly protective of him now, watching him like a hawk. They're not sure if they will ever get their true little brother back, and Liam changed completely in the wake of it, but some days, when everything seems okay, they can still see glimpses of his old self.

Scott can be a smooth talker when he wants to be, and knows how to charm people. Often, it's not so much that he's trying to do just that, but it's simply part of who he is. His many years of acting, performing and schmoozing in the entertainment industry meant he has become trained and honed in connecting with people. Professionally, he is polite and respectful, charming, funny, friendly, and spirited but he definitely has a fiery diva streak if things aren't rolling smoothly. He is a ladies man, without a doubt, and has a huge fanbase developed from his career. He's not sure if he wants to settle down, but he's not against relationships by any means.

He loves his family and is protective of all of them, even if most of his siblings are older than him. He can sometimes get a little broody and judgemental if he's overworked, but everyone who knows him, knows it won't ever last very long. He enjoys a laugh, and is a typical guy when it comes to blokey things, born of growing up with three brothers. He isn't afraid to show his emotions and can be quite the charming Romeo if he's interested in you.

Scott is an original character created for musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

Scott's an Original Character and all original creation of his writer. His face is borrowed from Hunter Parrish, who belongs to himself. Muse or mun have no affiliation with Hunter Parrish.

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